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Award winner Vasavi Seethepalli to participate in the London Biennale

2013 Master of Art International winner, Vasavi Seethepalli, is to showcase her new work at the London Art Biennale exhibition in January 2015. 
Born in Hong Kong, Seethepalli is a self-taught illustrator and graphic designer whose brilliantly colourful expressionistic style captures the essence of her Indian heritage and celebrates her cultural background. Inspired by Peter Doig, Seethepalli embraces vibrant colours and textures, whilst delivering her works in a socially conscious capacity. Her work, ‘We live in a Bubble’, on display at the London Art Biennale, a wonderfully vibrant abstract piece combining bold geometric shapes, pixellated forms and a Pollock-esque backdrop, aims to convey the disparity in consciousness we hold between our own lives and greater global issues of conflict and world hunger, matters which we often find ourselves disengaging from.
Seethepalli is to be exhibited alongside other exciting new international contemporary artists at the 2015 London Art Biennale in Chelsea, a celebratory collaboration of artists working around the globe in one carefully curated exhibition. Previously held in 2013 to much success, this exhibition is organised by Gagliardi Art & Partners and the Chianciano Art Museum in Italy and will exhibit works from over 120 artists around the world on its anticipated return. 
Vasavi Seethepalli’s ‘We Live in a Bubble’ will be on display at the London Art Biennale exhibition at the Chelsea Old Town Hall from 20 - 25th January 2015. 
Rhian Bennett.