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Ukranian artist Sergej Ovcharuk exhibiting at the London Art Biennale

Ukranian-born artist, Sergej Ovcharuk, is showcasing his fresh take on classic Impressionism at the London Art Biennale in January 2015. 
Born in 1963 and taught by celebrated Russian colorist Vladimir Borodin, Ovcharuk infuses classical painting styles with a vividly rich and vibrant colour palette to render his paintings deeply mesmerizing and captivating. His romantic approach to art and range of distinctly bold and intense tones create greatly philosophical and original expressive studies of landscape and compositions. 
Ovcharuk’s harmonious combination of traditional and innovative style has established his name as an exciting growing artist of this century and he has participated in many exhibitions and art fairs across the globe, including the USA, Monaco, Switzerland and Russia. Two of his pieces are to be exhibited at the Chelsea Old Town Hall as part of the London Art Biennale in January. Organised by Gagliardi Art & Partners and the Chianciano Art Museum, this exhibition is displaying from over 120 artists across the globe as a celebration of international contemporary art and today’s best working artists. 
Sergej Ovcharuk will be displaying his work at the London Art Biennale at the Chelsea Old Town Hall from 20 - 25th January 2015. 
Rhian Bennett.