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Michael Steinpichler's neo-impressionism on display at the 2015 London Art Biennale

Austrian-born artist, Michael Steinpichler, is showcasing two of his works at the acclaimed London Art Biennale Exhibition held at the Chelsea Old Town Hall in January 2015 alongside other promising contemporary artists from around the globe. 
Recognised by his distinctly Neo-Impressionist style, a nod towards the likes of Paul Gaugin and Cezanne with an injected burst of colour, Steinpichler’s works are a vibrant fusion of innovation and artistic legacy. 
Steinpichler describes his artistic inspiration as that of dreams and fantasy and he captures this fantastical world through his neo-impressionistic palette of bold colour, luminous light and varying perspectives. He intends the viewer to feel the emotions he had whilst painting these pieces; using the canvas as a vehicle for the sensations he wishes to convey.  
The prestigious London Art Biennale Exhibition, running from 20 - 25th January 2015, will showcase ‘Ecce Homo’ alongside others, a markedly more Malevichian piece for Steinpichler, a geometric fusion of angular planes and eclectic colour mix. 
Michael Steinpichler is a distinctly original yet historically conscious artist whose new works are at once exciting and riveting. He strives to capture the essence of fantasy through his bright, joyful works and achieves this with finesse. 
Michael Steinpichler will be participating in the London Art Biennale Exhibition at the Chelsea Old Town Hall from 20 - 25th January 2015. 
Rhian Bennett.