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Polish artist Magdalena Wojciechowska selected for prestigious London Art Biennale

Polish artist, Magdalena Wojciechowska, is one of the selected artists from around the globe to be exhibiting at the distinguished international London Art Biennale Exhibition at the Chelsea Old Town Hall this coming January 2015. 
Born in 1974and attending the Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz, Poland, Wojciechowska has been painting for many years and uses nature as her inspiration. Rothko-like in style, Wojciechowska’s pieces blend warm tones and indistinct forms to create abstract expressionistic studies of landscape full of depth and personal emotion. She often spends hours of careful observation before embarking on a painting in order to capture every detail from the way the light falls on the subject to the minute colour changes this causes. Her abstract landscapes capture forms in a simple way yet manage to convey deep emotion through her expressionistic brush technique and rich palette of colour. Her paintings express her personal response to the subject, which she wishes to convey to the viewer on an intimate, personal level. 
The London Art Biennale in Chelsea is an acclaimed celebration of distinguished and upcoming contemporary artists from around the world, with around 40 different countries participating. Curated by Gagliardi Art & Partners and the Chianciano Art Museum in Italy, this exhibition achieved major success in 2013 and we are awaiting its anticipated return in 2015 to celebrate exciting artistic innovation from across the globe.
Magdalena Wojciechowska will her exhibiting her art at the London Art Biennale Exhibition at the Chelsea Old Town Hall running from 20th - 25th January 2015. 
Rhian Bennett.