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Shinkle's 'Metalagram' selected for the London Art Biennale

Mother-and-son collaborative team, Linda Shinkle Rodney and Theodore Shinkle are to exhibit their unique photographic process, ‘MetalagramⓇ’ at the Chelsea Old Town Hall in January 2015 as part of the London Art Biennale Exhibition. 
After acclaimed success in 2013, both within the art world and in the media, the prestigious London Art Biennale is returning to the King’s Road, Chelsea from 20th to 25th January 2015 to celebrate contemporary artist innovation from around the globe in an expertly curated exhibition. 
Linda and Theodore Shinkle are among those showcasing their artistic talents at the upcoming exhibition. The innovative duo have pioneered a new artistic method named ‘MetalagramⓇ’ which involves etching and engraving on an aluminium metal sheet, printing layers of photographic images onto it and coating with an enamel-like glaze to achieve a layered effect conveying an illusion of depth. This careful, multi-faceted process creates a fantastic result; an almost three-dimensional rendering that takes photography to the next level.
Showcasing at the International Masters of Photography Exhibition in Las Vegas in 2013, the Shinkle team are storming the photographic scene with their innovative technique and offer an exciting alternative to traditional photography. Said to combine aspects of surrealism, allegory and observation, fuse beautiful photographs of natural landscapes and urban environments with hyperbolic colour and rich overlaying textures. 
‘Night Vision’ will be on show at the London Art Biennale from 20 - 25th January 2015. 
Rhian Bennett.